Simple Successful Selling

Simply Successful Selling is a concise, practical and comprehensive…

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Simply Successful Selling is a concise, practical and comprehensive self-study book for new salespeople in retail, manufacturing and services sector.
It deals with each step of the selling cycle, as well as how to handle difficult prospective customers, and understand buyer behaviour and buying signals. Furthermore it examines the most recent developments in selling techniques, such as the application of neurolinguistic programming.

  • Module Outline
  • Who is this for
  • Requirements
  • The selling cycle
  • Preparation: planning the sale
  • Prospecting
  • First contact
  • Qualifying customer needs
  • Sales presentation
    • Features, advantages, benefits, unique selling propositions and competitive product advantages
  • Handling objections
    • General guidelines for handling objections
    • Strategies for handling specific objections
  • Negotiating sales with customers
  • Closing the sale
    • Different types of closing technique
  • The final greeting
  • Follow-up or aftercare
  • Getting repeat business and referrals and building a loyal customer base
  • Understanding buyer behaviour and buying signals
    • The difference between customers and consumers
    • The difference between low, medium and high involvement buying decisions
    • The customer buying decision-making process
    • The application of Maslow’s motivational hierarchy of needs to selling
    • The clues that assist salespeople in identifying buying signals
  • Understanding the application of neuro linguistic programming and body language to selling
    • Neuro Linguistic programming
    • Body language
    • Tools for effective oral communication.
    • Recommended salesperson–customer space zones .
  • How to handle difficult prospective customers.
  • The different types of difficult customers
  • The things great salespeople do right all the time
  • The most common mistakes made by average and poor salespeople.
  • Facilitating the meeting of minds between salespeople and customers.
  • Dispelling some common myths about selling

This book is aimed at new or prospective salespeople who need basic selling skills, and is suitable for retail, manufacture or service industry enterprises and salespeople.

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